Business Support
Professional IT support is extremely important, but many small businesses do not have the time or technical resources available to support their IT infrastructure.

At Pear Tree IT we offer a wide range of IT services which financially work out in your favour, as you get the expertise you need, as and when you need it, without having to pay for a full time member of IT staff.

Health Check

Do you give your PC a health check just like you would with a medical check-up or a MOT on your car? Your computer needs regular maintenance so a health check by one of our specialists can increase the performance of your PC or server. Cleaning the build-up of old files, removing unwanted software, new Windows updates installed, virus and spyware clean, a complete hardware clean up too and much more.

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Mobile Office / VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The Internet has become an integral part of modern business and with it comes the ability to transform the way you work with technology.

Using secure VPN technology, you can now have access to your network from any Internet connected location. Work from home, from another town or country.

We can supply different solutions based on your requirements. Email on the move using the latest mobile devices or access to your network from a home PC, our team is ready to help.

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Remote office support

Flexible working is difficult to implement and even more difficult to support. Do you need help looking after your home workers? Setting up VPNs, sharing connections at home and using printers can all be a challenge and that’s before something stops working properly.

Let our specialists visit your home-based staff at home, or remote place of work. We can then set up correctly and ensure that they keep working efficiently.

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VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Expensive call charges getting you down? VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a cheap and economical way you can make phone calls over the internet using your high-speed broadband connection. Call to enquire about the best VoIP and Broadband packages for you and stay ahead with the future of technology with also keeping call costs down.

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Out of hours support

Once we have established a working relationship, we can provide out of hours support, in order to minimise disruption to your working day. This also means you get support when you need hardware and/or software upgrades

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Office moves

Let us help take the stress out of your office move.

We can offer advice on the move, conduct a pre-move audit, carry out the move and test all aspects of connectivity, (PC, telephones, faxes etc.) then conclude with a post-move audit, so that everything is documented.

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Structured cabling

Running low on network ports in your existing office, or moving to premises that do not have the IT infrastructure in place that you require?

With structured cabling being the core element of the corporate network, it is important that your solution is designed and installed correctly to ensure that it meets your requirements, both for today and for the future. At Pear Tree IT we can design, install and support your network around your current requirements and future growth.

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Disaster recovery

Are you happy that you have backups in place should the worst happen, and that those backups will work?

Would you like a plan to be put in place to give you peace of mind that your business will continue with minimal downtime in the event of ‘disaster’?

Pear Tree IT can help you do this and more. We can put in place new solutions or update existing systems. We will ensure you are protected from the unexpected, therefore preventing unnecessary loss of earnings and minimising downtime.

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Virus / Spyware Removal

Using the latest software we can help you eliminate an existing problem and protect against future threats or upgrade your systems to protect against them.

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Windows Installations/upgrades

If your current systems are no longer up to speed for today’s applications, we can advise on upgrades and or new installations to keep your systems up to speed. By having a computer running at optimal speed, you will achieve better productivity and happier users. Overall this also reduces support costs.

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